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Phytophthora ramorum: start at the controls in the nursery

Phytophthora ramorum is a fungus that is scary, especially in humid climates. In England, for example, has devastated entire forests of oak. In Italy, at the moment, are not reported damages so important. Best to avoid, however. For this reason, the discovery of a few outbreaks in Pistoia, the emergency alarm is tripped the phytosanitary service: you need to check all the plants of Viburnum spp., Camellia spp., And Rhododendron spp before sending around the world.

Damage. We visited some plants reported as affected. At first glance look healthy, and the fungus does not seem fully expressed. The symptoms are small leaf spots (see photo) and the plant seems to have all the ideal requirements for sale. Necessary to take into account the climate Pistoia, generally warm and breezy in the summer months. in fact they originate in a foreign country: for this, it is necessary to increase controls on crops input.

The local "plant protection service". The technicians who carry out checks on plant health have stated a specific purpose: eradicating the first outbreaks, issuing a decree the following: The nurseries concerned to regain the ability to issue passport for Viburnum spp., Camellia spp., And Rhododendron spp. must make a specific request to this office. This office will carry out at least 2 inspections spaced at least 20-30 days in the period of active growth of the plants and if no problem is detected relative to Phytophthora ramorum will allow the use of the passport for the next marketing year. If affected plants are found daPhytophthora ramorum before allowing the use of the passport will be necessary to proceed to the destruction of the infected plants and those in the range of 2 meters, as well as quarantine for 3 months in the range of 10 meters.

Conclusions. The prompt intervention of the Plant Protection Service bodes well for the success of the operation. The alarm went off in Pistoia, given the importance of the nursery district also holds the place as regards the physical handling of crops. Will nevertheless be essential work of the industry with regard to the importation of plants from different locations. The requirements of good health are of fundamental importance for trade in plants around the world.

The phytosanitary service acted promptly for the control of the pathogen. Need a check on incoming plants