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Neonicotinoids: prohibited use before flowering

Will be suspended for two years, the use of three products neonicotinoids. The news was released on 30 April by the European Commission. Crop protection products containing Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam and Imidacloprid, three active substances, widely used for the control of insects with piercing-sucking mouthparts, will be suspended for two years starting next December.
Deaths of bees. The three insecticides are considered as a contributory cause of the deaths of bees, given the high systemicity of which are equipped. The ban on the use may be extended at the end of the two years of probation. The call will cover all the plants and can not be used before flowering in any form (such as, for example, the granular products). After flowering, however, may be distributed, as well as for the greenhouse crops and winter cereals.
It looks forward to the official publication of the standard.

The stop will last for two years for all crops