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Horizon 2020: Global competitiveness of Europe must have a garancy for all

European commission just organized a workshop through Europe, making a stopover in Italy on the 28th March 2013 aiming to identify “potential topics” of discussion regarding the “Promotion of sustainable environments throughout a territorial and urban planning”. Horizon program 2020 will become the main instruments of the European Union for the financing of research in the period 2014-2020.

The workshop has been focused on the following topics:

  • ·                    Social cohesion into cities
  • ·                    Economy of urban and sub-urban areas
  • ·                    Environmental urban Governance
  • ·                    European cities meant as HUB of creativity and innovation
  • ·                    Medium and long term run for urban development


This workshop will allow the European commission to collect important information from the participating organizations, in order to propose topics on research to the officers in Bruxelles. The real goal is to verify the real interest of the European Union and the feasibility of the before mentioned topics object of discussion, moreover, how they can become a real step for the future implementation of the program Horizon 2020. The main discussion topic was the concept of promoting the urban greenery as a true service for people and not just as an aesthetic element. Came up the idea of city where the anthropic footprint and nature can perfectly combine their self.

The project is going to be developed taking care of the plantation, diffusion and management of green areas using plants:

- with low allergenic impact

- sound-absorbing

- with high performances for the production of Oxygen

- transforming urban areas in more livable cities, caring to the single environmental matrix as     water, air, soil.

- improving then the microclimate of cities.

We also point out to reduce urban emission, particularly the ones done by road traffic. A winning road toward our goal is to retrain degraded areas and to rehabilitate disused areas in a concept of landscape mitigation of infrastructures and large areas of construction areas. Only with these patterns we can develop social relationships and cohesion among communities.There is a huge need of a new green vision and a good coordination between public and private works to lead to a more sustainable urban landscapes. Only with this approach we can all together improve the beauty of parks, gardens, recreational areas, highways, pedestrians footpath etc. Europe will need to sustain the research trying to combine benefits of plants with human health in social patterns. This scope of the project will also be to have a positive impact with therapeutic medicine on important diseases,  rehab of marginalized people with psycho disorders.

Horizon program 2020 will become the main instruments of the European Union