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Third International Conference Elm. Download the "book of abstracts"

One hundred years after the arrival of the Dutch elm disease . Since then many things have changed , including the landscapes they own the elm was a fundamental part . Research has made great strides , providing significant results on resistance to disease. For this reason it was elm organized an international conference to be held in Florence, at salone dei dugento in Palazzo Vecchio, from 9 to 11 October.
The conference aims to score a point in the progress that research has made elm and, in particular, on the Dutch elm disease. Also, since currently this kind is almost misunderstood and complicated taxonomic identification is an opportunity to riportarvici attention. The conference also enshrines the excellent cooperation that IPP has with the City of Florence that in the last ten years has planted over 1,200 elms of our varieties and actively contributed to the testing and receiving benefits , in fact some varieties have proved excellent for use in urban field .
The conference will bring fifty members from all over the world, especially Europe and North America. The last congress was held elm in Spain 10 years ago and since then the research and means of research have made considerable progress. New problems have arisen and new results have been achieved, making it possible for this magnificent plant to be used in the future for ornamental purposes forestry or landscaping .

Experts from around the world will share their experiences on research