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Monograph of the Genus Cornus

In 2013, the Giorgio Tesi Editrice has published an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind work of scientific interest, a “Monograph of the Genus Cornus” that is the result of years of work and research by André Gayraud, landscape designer and botanical expert as well as a great lover of this splendid plant, who has worked with our group for more than thirty years.

The book contains more than 620 Cornus varieties on five continents, with photos and botanical and scientific descriptions for each species. In addition to André Gayraud, the book contains the work, disseminated for the first time, of leading experts in the field, professionals, and academics. They include Dr. Elwin Orton and Prof. Thomas Molnar of Rutgers University in New Jersey (USA) and Prof. Svetlana Klymenko of the Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine.

The book has been translated into six languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and German) to ensure the widest possible distribution.

I think a work of this quality would be an original and interesting Christmas present for your customers. It is an important book for professionals but also very interesting for enthusiasts of botany.

The book costs €50.00 (including a 4% VAT).

For any information:Giorgio Tesi Group, via di Badia, 14 - 51100 - Pistoia, Tel. +39 0573 530051 -

Giorgio Tesi editrice, 224 pages with illustrations. Year 2013, price € 50