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Boston, excellence green

Seen with the eyes of a tourist, the green Boston surprising. It is not just the history, beautiful architecture and town planning that combines old and new. What is surprising is the presence of trees and shrubs everywhere, always well maintained and cared for to the fullest. You want to know more, going over at the thought of the tourist, finding that behind the management of green in the city there is a movement that involves public and private sectors.
Municipal idea. Just visit the website of the local municipality ( to understand what it means to the green in the city: the network, the administration explains the value and impact of plants on the lives of citizens. We analyze general issues such as the role of trees in the landscape of Boston, to the composition of the urban forest made by all the wooded areas (streets, squares, urban wilds, cemeteries and parks), but also shrubs, grasses, herbaceous ground cover , soil and waterways. From the site we highlight the positive aspects of green, like this:
he urban forest plays an important role in Boston's landscape. The urban forest consists not only of all the treed areas in Boston (streets, yards, urban wilds, cemeteries, and parks) but also shrubs, grasses, herbaceous ground cover, soil, and our waterways. Trees contribute to the well being of our communities by: 
  • moderating our local climate (did you know that on warm summer days, the air in urban areas can be 6-8°F hotter than its surrounding areas?),
  • filtering air pollutants,
  • storing storm water and reducing run-off (leaves, branches and bark intercept and store rainfall)
  • enhancing the biodiversity of species by providing wildlife habitat and attracting people to our livable city, and
  • connecting us to larger ecosystems through daily interactions with local green spaces. 
    Street Trees
The public management. The Parks Department is the agency with regulatory and operational responsibility for managing public shade trees. The maintenance program of the Department includes pruning, disease control, removals and timely repair of damage. Shade trees are planted in 22 neighborhoods of Boston. Each tree indicates the commitment of the Boston Mayor for a greener and assumes, therefore, also have political value. The implantation sites are identified primarily on the basis of requests for residents.
Private involvement. The administration publicly invites citizens to contribute to the estate of the flower beds in front of the house with the proper use of mulch, to pay attention to annacquature phone and report any problems to the appropriate "Line Park." The inhabitants of Boston have joined together in an association "Boston 4-H Urban Stewards", which is specifically aimed at the management of trees in neighborhoods. The foundation involving many young people in education to the maintenance of the green, with special courses and brochures.
Parks and his friends. The urban setting of Boston, allows the city to have three large central parks: Boston Common, Public Garden and Commonwealth. There, many locals go to meet and carry out social functions that a big city it is very hard to practice elsewhere. In the 70s he founded the association Friends of the Public Garden (, which manages the parks together with the local municipality. It all started because of the many management problems due to the public system that did not have adequate funds to solve any problems. It was established, thus, the "Garden Fund", a real bottom born to be funded by the private sector. Many of the money that arrived were not spent and were entrusted to the association Friends of the Public Garden, able, today, to manage $ 1.4 million coming from private donations and other initiatives. The cure is, in this way, obvious even to the slightest glance: there are so many employees who follow the daily management of the areas. For example, each tree has a label to identify the species and there are many events to enliven the days within the spaces. The whole is punctuated by a management program, including plant health, which is shared between association Department parks.
In conclusion, walk to Boston gives the idea of order and accuracy of the details. What are congested boulevards, large pedestrian areas (superb is the seal of the commonwealth street, which is inspired by the champs elysee Paris), parks, or new plants, we see that the combination of public and private sectors can work. And it is only a matter of culture.

The quality of the management of parks and tree-lined spaces in the U.S. city. When public and private work, the results can be seen