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Landscapes and archeology, resources to be enhanced

The 7th June 2013 is getting closer, when the annual meeting of AIAPP(Italian association of landscape architecture), will take place inside the conference hall of Santa Maria Maggiore in Naples. The chosen place perfectly suit with the main theme “ Paesaggi e archeologie “ (landscape and archeology). This AIAPP meeting aim at exploring in deep a professional area yet little studied, but with high strategic relevance for the preservation of an essential portion of our historic heritage. The goal is to provide a wide selection of theoretical topics and projects, in order to build up an open area for discussions and new ideas on archeological landscapes. 
Topic anch discussione subjects. This conference will  involve four different topics, discussed by  theorists and designers of Italian and international landscape architecture. At this conference will also participate referents of the institute for territorial protection, archaeologists, architects, botanists, restorers for a deeper talk on management of archeological landscapes. 
Sectorial approach. Anna Letizia Monti, National president in charge explained how this topic was born: “ we want to contribute for the archeological budget, being a strategic tool for the economic recovery”, a cross-sectorial approach on topics will be  accomplished thanks to all the participants with different knowledge and experiences. 
Archeology and landscapes are the main links on most of the initiatives that AIAPP is organizing for the year 2013. The association just defined three topics that will accompany the AIAPP from now to the 2016, when the World conference of landscape architects will take place in Turin, Italy. We’ve also received the entailment of the conference IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects), that will be a fundamental exhibition not only for AIAPP partners but also for the entire landscape world.

In a few days there will be a conference organized by AIAPP. Many meetings with a cross-cutting approach and dynamic