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A garden in a public square for a day

Photo by Fabrizio Sichi

A luxurious grass meadow is a wonderful way to release your sense. The location is Piazza degli Ortaggi, Pistoia, on the 23rd of July in the heart of the nightlife in Pistoia, at a short walk from Duomo square. The paving will be a perfect welcoming field for everyone who’ll desire to have a relaxing day out surrounded by  typical grocery stores and local dining hot spots.

Project idea. “Thinking  green” goes far beyond a simple open space decorated by plants and flowers, it represent a philosophy that involve social equity combined with the beauty of greenery. A natural knocking down of the virtual walls of egoism. From this platform base suddenly born a new  exciting project called “ Un altro parco in città” developed by some young architects (“Un altro studio”). With a mounting similar to a flash mob, they’ll fulfill the project in just one day, thanks to the collaboration of “Giorgio Tesi Group” and local retailers of Piazza dell’Ortaggio.

City and trees. For the second consecutive year, after last year extraordinary success, the project will take place aiming to double the visitors. Pistoia, the so called “Città del verde” (green city) will then strive toward a fully green city, with a wide social meaning of urban garden as recreative  area for public purposes. Huge signs at the main entrances of the city welcome visitors with the written “PISTOIA, CITTA’ DEL VERDE”( Pistoia, green city), just to introduce everyone how important and historic  are plants for this community. It actually well represent the original essence of a city that since decades ago grows thousands of species of trees and outdoor plants. Today Pistoia is considered the “Italian capital” of plant nurseries .The good looking urban area of Pistoia is sometimes underestimated from its inhabitants, due to the wide area that surround the boundary walls of the city center and destined to ornamental plant nurseries .  
Pistoia, Cino’s birthplace, unique for its style, is also called “Città dei giardini segreti” (City of hidden gardens), for the several and normally unknown beautiful green public and private spots behind the medieval city center walls. This valuable urban heritage could be a great touristic hotspot if advertised in an appropriate way from the municipality of Pistoia.Small treasures of green architecture are scattered between private premises, gardens of monasteries, gardens of private houses etc. often invisible or inaccessible to everyone. We felt that these beautiful spots should be enjoyed from everyone that wish to, so we took over this initiative “Un altro parco in città” releasing to everyone a green area available for one day in the heart of the city.
Walking on a grass meadow the sensorial experiences that a garden can offer with plants, colors, fragrances , remind us all how the city of Pistoia with its characteristics can be an exciting.



Sunday 23rd of June, a public square in the city center of Pistoia will be reshaped with a natural turf for the whole day