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The wonderful pine tree of Rikuzentakata

Some building works will start in the next weeks for the construction of a commemorative sculpture aiming to remind all new generations that there is only one way to face life difficulties with dignity, as the old Japanese proverb teach us: Nana korobi, ya oki” (“I fell eight times and eight time I got up”).
Tradition and facts. In Rikuzentakata, pretty town in the prefecture of Iwate, north part of the region of Tohoku,there was a wide pinewood, also established to face eventual tsunami, due to his location on a high risk seashore. Japanese pine is considered the most representative tree for the Japanese soul and heart. The main reason why this pine is considered so wonderful is because it grows well and strong even in harsh environments, quite similar to the population of japan used to live in a land always targeted by very strong typhoons and earthquakes.
Nevertheless, Japan became the amazing nation that we all well know: It is one of the strongest economy in the world, has a unique, secular culture, populated byShintoism divinities and at the same time strongly Buddhist, syncretism is the issue key to really understand the uniqueness of this amazing country. 
Symbology Japanese pine (quite different from the Mediterranean ones that we all know) already represented in several medieval pictures, is a gnarled tree, with plenty of wounds carved by decades of hardy climate conditions. In the Japanese tradition, a Japanese pine can be a gift that wish you long and healthy life, within the Japanese new year’s eve you can easily find tree branches used to decorate hallways, front doors, shopping malls, temples, public roads etc.
The bravery of nature On 11th March 2011, a terrible earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku wiped out thousands of human life in few minutes. Even the forest Rikuzentakata has been strongly beaten, losing around 70.000 specimens of pines, just one strongly kept standing. The day after, among all that unreal desolation, the great pine was overlooking the surrounding area as an old stubborn warrior that’s still standing after a bloody fight. The following days plenty of newspaper titled with the tragic and touching image of the nature that does not want to die, of a population used to suffer like the great pine, teacher of courage and life even against death.

The miraculous pine dropped off after several months while it fought against climate adversity from the activity of sea.